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The women's labia.
por Fangsta 18 de Março de 2003
=Trying to.
I'm tryna find it.
por Fangsta 20 de Março de 2003
someone who dislikes or resents or disapproves of a player (the term is used to criticize people who are jealous or who don't respect successful people).
-The only reason all this girls like to talk to Big John is he's a famous rapper(=rap star). –Shut up, stop being such a player hater!
por Fangsta 19 de Março de 2003
por Fangsta 20 de Março de 2003
Money from Grands or thousands.
A hundered G's = $100.000
por Fangsta 18 de Março de 2003
(adjective) crazy; insane.
Do you think he's lil' loco?
por Fangsta 17 de Março de 2003
Saudi billionnaire living in Afghanistan (suspected of masterminding the terrorists bombings of two American embassies in Africa in 1998, and the crashing of hijacked planes into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers (WTC) in the USA in 2001, causing thousands of deaths, and the destruction of the famous skyscrapers). Hated most by Americans.

Note: "bin" in Arabic means "son of", so his name means "Osama the son of Laden".
America will kick Osama bin Laden's ass.
por Fangsta 18 de Março de 2003

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