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3 definitions by Emma Chizett

A complete no life nerd who thinks he's a super IT freak. Really just a piss weak geek, asshat or fucktard. Hates himself and everybody else
That loser is such a bronner. The more he says the more you know he's a fuck witted douchebag.
por Emma Chizett 05 de Maio de 2006
An egg of a chicken or common domesticated fowl
The hen laid a cackleberry today.
I had bacon and two cackleberries for breakfast this morning.
por Emma Chizett 17 de Novembro de 2006
Bad breath suffered by the religious
Father O'Reilly's halotosis wasn't so noticeable after he'd been drinking whiskey
por Emma Chizett 04 de Dezembro de 2006