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5 definitions by Edub Troms

A land of many things. Depending where you are at. Lots of alcoholics and snow. However there is also lots of nice people and sun. Land of lakes and land of mosquitoes. Land of people who are smart and are dumb. But where ever you are in Minnesota you can most of the time have fun.
"Brr, it's freaking cold out here!"
next day
"Damn, it's freaking hot out here!"
por Edub Troms 30 de Junho de 2005
575 190
Carly means sweet. Sweet means Carly. Carly is sweet.
Having sex with Carly is so Carly.
por Edub Troms 07 de Janeiro de 2007
810 784
A very dirty unclean person. Most live in trailer houses and have no money at all. Smell really bad and are greasy.
"Ewwwwwww, do you smell that?"
"Yeah, its that dirty scovel, he never takes baths and has been wearing that same sweatshirt for 3 weeks straight."
por Edub Troms 30 de Junho de 2005
39 21
Another word for Scovel
"wow that is one sick smelling scove."
"get away from me you scove!"
por Edub Troms 11 de Janeiro de 2006
14 4
something that is really SWEET
something that is really AWESOME
something that is BODERANT!
"Woah! Dude that was soooo boderant!"
"you couldn't get anymore boderant than that!"
por Edub Troms 11 de Janeiro de 2006
10 5