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4 definitions by Commies suck

militant socialism / imperialism
see imperialism
marxism is imperialism
see militant socialism/Nazism
por commies suck 03 de Março de 2006
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socialism is hippie bullcrap
por commies suck 03 de Março de 2006
68 143
see socialism
see militant socialism
see communism
see Nazism
see Marxism
for National Socialism see Stalin
Imperialism is evil crap as is any form of socialism since it is the same thing with racism sometimes being mixed in in some of the less evil strains.
por commies suck 03 de Março de 2006
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A derogatory term used by commie bastards to describe people who DO NOT want to wait in long lines for their food or have the same damn wages as everybody else.
A capitalist pig is still better than a commie bastard.
por Commies suck 03 de Outubro de 2003
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