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2 definitions by Boogie Pimp

derived from Football Factory, a term used to tell a fellow human to hurry about his/her task
(a)what shall i do about that dinlow who put the lillies in wiv the crysanths boss?
(b)well Jog on and get it sorted soppy bollocks!
por Boogie Pimp 28 de Setembro de 2004
183 194
1. a poof, a fag, someone who fails 2 stand up 4 themselves
2.Mark "dougie" Jones
3.One with droopy moist testicles
1)oi soppy bollocks, make ur mind up.
2)Mark jones has soppy bollocks
3)Jesus dude ur scrote is dripping, u must have a severe case of soppy bollocks
por Boogie Pimp 28 de Setembro de 2004
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