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3 definitions by BAQI JACKSON

the act of helping; help; hand; aid; assistance; relief.
in ref. to any type of help, aid, or relief-regardless spiritually, survival, emergency, disaster, stress, distress, depression, homelessness, aspirations, goals, or one's sexuality, etc., etc., etc..
por BAQI JACKSON 15 de Julho de 2003
12 0
suffering worry; upset; worried; bothered.
worrying about something; upset about something; being bothered or something bothering someone.
por BAQI JACKSON 17 de Julho de 2003
5 2
the area(s) of intercourse through moving caused heat, and left redness b ehind, intensely.
in response to sex through longevity of motion causes heat to rise, and if the sex is good, its all intensely causing redness thereafter.
por baqi jackson 13 de Novembro de 2003
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