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The state of the economy under the presidency of Obama.
That man found his job due to an Obamaconomy.
por AnTi_mTtr 01 de Maio de 2009
A turd wrapped up in toilet paper to resemble maki sushi wraped in seawead.
Damn he served me a platter of toilet paper sushi, with yellow sauce.
por AnTi_mTtr 16 de Agosto de 2010
Swine Flu
That guys got a bad case of Baconaids!
por AnTi_mTtr 27 de Abril de 2009
Swine Flu
That guys got a bad case of Pigaids!
por AnTi_mTtr 27 de Abril de 2009
Being hard in the raddest way possible.
Damn! My cock is rad-hard.
por AnTi_mTtr 01 de Agosto de 2008
Flem coughed up and spit into hot tea. The hot tea is then considered to be flavored with throat butter.
I ran out of milk today, so instead i coughed up some throat butter for my morning tea.
por AnTi_mTtr 16 de Março de 2009
A bare back blow job. A blow job without a condom.
Mary Sue gave John a baldjob behind the bowling ally one day.
por AnTi_mTtr 19 de Março de 2008
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