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94 definitions by Amber

When a man takes his nut sack gym bag and places it as close to the face of a sleeping victim as possible. A picture is then taken with the balls/victim in the same photo.
Chris fell asleep, so I brained him.

Braining is fun, but my nuts get camera shy.
por Amber 01 de Junho de 2004
51 47
The silliest Low-budget films by people like you and me.
Those Suckouts are the silliest ever!
por Amber 07 de Abril de 2004
8 4
A 1-2 combo of burping accompanied with the act of discharging. Just hope it never happens to you!
Wow! She just disurped- WHat a talented bitch!
por Amber 10 de Abril de 2005
5 2
Very confused, no relative clue as to what is going on
He was as fartfunkled as a baby in a topless bar
por Amber 30 de Junho de 2004
3 0
To do a job with outstanding determination
Woody put his head phones on and started to mow the lawn, he was really going to it.
por Amber 22 de Março de 2005
2 0
jelly bracelets have no sexual meanings unless you want them to. i think its stupid theyre trying to ban them in school because some of us just wear them because they match what we wear. i wear them and im not into that sexual stuff.
They're just accesories!!!
por AmBeR 25 de Março de 2004
5 3
The disease of being a dumb fuck.
(after your friend accidently staples his hand)

"Dude, too bad there's no cure for dumbfucksia"
por Amber 12 de Dezembro de 2003
2 0