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373 definitions by Ac

most of the people in this site
Most of yall are haters
por ac 13 de Fevereiro de 2004
2129 759
Slang For The Bay area
You from the yay area?
por ac 13 de Fevereiro de 2004
1385 125
A fake Gangsta, A person (any color, race,ethnicity) that acts and looks like a thug but have done nothing thats "Gangsta" such as shooting someone, robbing, and mobbing people ect..., all wanksta's do is talk shit
90% of all Americans are wanksta's
por AC 23 de Dezembro de 2003
1437 349
Strong ass Weed
Dont smoke that kryptonite shit will fuck you up
por AC 28 de Novembro de 2003
1695 705
We gotta pack some serious heat for this drive by
por AC 22 de Outubro de 2003
941 198
The Greates Rapper Ever. Not only was he the best rapper, he was a great poet and actor. Tupac Sold Millions of records world wide. Sadly Tupac was shot on Sept 7 1996 Later Died 7 dayz later on Sept 13, 1996. A lot of rappers today have been influenced by Tupac, RIP
RIP Tupac Shakur, The leader of this rap shit
por AC 15 de Novembro de 2003
861 154
1) (n) Long Play, a nine or ten song regular tape.

2) (n) A vinyl record.
1) Get that Tupac LP right quick

2) Im lookin for some Eazy-E LP's
por ac 31 de Janeiro de 2004
844 187